One very good kiss soon after getting into bed and not long after this another not quite so good but very fair.

Had Mr Sunderland into the drawing [room] to consult him about A-‘s letting Grieve’s Farm. Named the three offers. C- at first for Warburton Beattie – out of the question. Said if W[arburton] had any chance for Hipperholme school he had better not have the farm. S[underland] agreed and let out as a great secret seeing me interested for W[arburton], that he had a good chance of the school’s seven trustees it seems? Two Sunderlands and Mr Dearden will vote for him and I said one of the others might be gained in spite of Mr William Priestley. I said one might do much for fair words but did not like things scrammed down one’s throats. S[underland] seemed pleased to find A- and I in his way of thinking and I really think Mr W[illiam] P[riestley] will be beaten, as he was about the choice of an organist.

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