Slept with me as on Saturday and after a nice, not tedious grubbling, had as good a night. Meant to have been up early but she kept me, first grubbling her, and then talking of her going till I got attendri – said I would see Captain Sutherland once but might then get out of the way and go to London. Thought she had better not write to me – better not begin a correspondence. I could hear of her from her sister, for being abroad and uncertain of the fate of letters – must be careful – must begin with ‘my dear Miss Walker’ and end with ‘very truly yours’. She said she would do whatever I liked but had said before she would rather write to me than anybody. Twenty minutes in her room before dressing so that not ready till [11 ½].

Said she ought to go for my sake for if we were to be eventually together, it could be brought about so much better. She thought she should be leaving her aunt and Cliff Hill and this not doing after all the duty she had made such a point of – better make me happy at once and go with me. Poor girl! Told her the time for that was gone by for the moment, but if in a year’s time she thought she could not live without me, then she must send for me back again – thus giving her hope that all is not or needs not be quite at an end between us.

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