No kiss.

Told her how to make out a clear summary on one sheet so as she that at a glance [could see] the relative value and context of every farm etc, and write her copy of note to Mr Wilkinson about Mr W[illiam] Priestley’s ordering the Sunday school boys to stay at home from church on account of typhus fever at Priestley Green.

Thought he ought to tell me what he saw not going right in the house. Matthew occasionally takes a glass or two of wine but says my aunt drinks more than anybody in the house – he helps not [with] the meat at dinner and does not help fairly – favours Eugénie and Sharp. Walks out with the former and plays cards with her after all the rest are gone to bed. George does not like to see things go on as they do in this house – thanked him, warned him to take waning from all this and added much good advice.

About Eugénie and Matthew – they sit on each other’s knee in the kitchen and all is sad – told Oddy I would try to find them out but if I could not in the course of a fortnight, she really must tell me openly what was going on.

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