No kiss.

[A- off to the school at 8 ¾] On coming to kiss me before going downstairs and finding she had had no motion yesterday or Friday, I said we must be off to Paris – but now I tell you beforehand, I go on your account – you would not believe me the last time when I said I went to London on your account. No, indeed she did not believe it nor would she believe it now about Paris. It was hard to lay the blame on her; I had said she kept me here. Indeed, she did not wish to be here and got all wrong. I calmly answered – I always say you have kept the peace and I am thankful to you, but my stay here is on account of my aunt. A- went to breakfast – I lay musing. What a temper, said I to myself, but I will say no more about going to Paris but let the thing take its chance and stay and look after my concerns. I really must get rid of her as well as I can by and by. We never can get on together for life at this rate and what will become of her! When she came up from breakfast, she was rather better but would not say yes or no when I asked if she had been naughty. The less I bother my head about her the better. Should anything happen to my [aunt], and when I have got my building etc done, things will right themselves. A- may have Cliff Hill by that time.

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