No kiss.

A- had Mary lacing her stays – her blister place not looked [at], but I did it up last night and, luckily, it is well. She smile[d] at breakfast and said she was better, but tho’ I talked a good deal and as if not much had happened, yet my gravity was there, I never kissed [her] till she came to me to pay toll on going to the water closet.

Poor thing, she was almost in tears – bade her come and sit on my knee. Explained she at first said I had done to her (about the carriage) as she would not have done to me, but I gently reasoned her out [of] this and all was set right again and she told me her plans of this morning for leaving me – talking lodgings in London and having masters – would have asked me to let her write in my name to Mrs Hawkins to take the lodging, thought of Crowthers, the librarian’s daughter, for a maid and to get a man as well as she could – might have asked Jane Chapman to be with her but not certain. Poor thing, thought I, what plans. [I] was kind to her – said I would have helped her at any rate and done what I could for her etc. Without kindness and great good management, I really think she would go wrongish in her upper works.

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