No kiss.

A- queerish and poorly, or middling as she calls it – I think temper goes for much of it. She cried last night on my gently saying I thought she ought to tell me things fairly, she would not mew as she used to do. [I] had reasons but would not tell her whole manner, too, about money matters nowadays – speaks plain enough that things are not to be as I at first expected. Well, be it so. I dreamt last [night] of a long tête-à-tête with Lady Stuart de Rothesay in which I had an opportunity in telling her of my great regard favourably received and hoping to spend my days with her. What will be my fate at last?

[Talking to A-] She had been crying very much. Talked gently and kindly but still impossible to get anything out of her tho’ she smiled and seemed in better temper, but I believe she is not only afraid of all my jobs, that is, the money to be spent – but she would be glad to be at liberty again. It will end in an amicable parting as soon as we can decently manage it.

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