[Slept in kitchen chamber]

I mentioned to A- yesterday the republishing [of] her will – I saw she did not like the subject but supposed she would do it as I told her we should have no other opportunity. In getting out the will just now she said in her queer ungracious way she should not do it this morning. I think shall be foolish to ask her again. What is her idea? Is she afraid it is time for me to be careful?

I mentioned the will. A- explained that she did not like being bound to life here – I explained no time specified, a mere form – only bound to have fires kept and windows open and taxes paid. A- satisfied and the will republished – all right.

Then went to A-, gone to her room crying and all wrong. All the three – Oddy, George and Cookson impertinent, the latter worst. A-‘s health could not stand it. I must choose between her and Cookson, whom A- said I had said I would not turn away etc. I never uttered for half hour, then said turn them all away and quietly talked to that purpose – said what I could unoffensively for Cookson. That I wished A- had someone in view but she must please herself. It is indeed melancholy. We shall soon not be able to get, and if we do get, shall never keep a good servant.

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