We will have, when this business is settled, seventy-five thousand roubles a year. Princess R[adzivill] said they should have been uneasy if I had not written – somehow, I felt and feel annoyed and mortified – nothing particular to find fault with but it is not as if they really valued us or were really very anxious for our company. Princess R[adzivill] does not now ask when we shall go again and I think does not care to see us often again, nor does she now say anything about my writing to her – no mention of the letter to Doctor Belcombe. I will write it and manage as well as I can and back out as nicely as I can. The old woman has told me several times of being cousin to Count Woronzoff and to give her compliments if I see him, but she never offers me a letter!

Speak against the government and like a fish out of water here – lost like our Count – he left the service recently and Prince Serg Galitzin the other night advised Hirre entering it, but the count said he knew his own affairs.

Count P[anin] going to the country to see his brother to settle about their father’s fortune – he was disgraced but too proud to.

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