Incurred a cross last night thinking of M-.

[A-] terrible. At last I calmly planned her leaving me on her aunt’s death, but to stay a year or so till we had replaced the eleven hundred navigation money. Showed her she could not do well without me but said I would help her – she said she was miserable between the thought of not doing enough for the estate and parting with me. Poor thing, when she saw me so calmly advising her how to get rid of me, she roused up – said she really would exert herself and did, in fact, look quite cheerful and right at dinner.

They pay a hundred and fifty thousand roubles a year law and agency expenses. It seems the estate is fettered by mortgages and they cannot get it freed. And they take one hundred thousand to spend and when apart, she takes five thousand a month and he four, ditto. I said she could live for a hundred and fifty pounds a month – two thousand five hundred roubles – at York, but twice that too little for London. It appears they are not too well off at present and these proceedings are not likely to terminate.

About twenty minutes in bed with A-. She promised this afternoon to exert herself – she will never keep her promise. How terrible it is – I am almost at my wit’s end.

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