Then A- seeming not quite satisfied with her letter to Mr Adam – having ordered all her rents after paying expenses to be paid over to the York Share District Bank to my account – both this Christmas and next midsummer. If she did not, in the meantime, order otherwise. We had another talk. I said I had made up my mind – she should leave me for I really could not manage her. She got frightened, I think, at the thought of being without me and promised to do better and go do all I wished. In fact, I had hardly slept last night – my mind being seriously intent on helping her to get rid of me as well as I could. Advised her lying down, which she did at twelve and a quarter – I wrapped her up and then [wrote till 1240]. I had given up the thought of our journey and meant to go home. Now all this is reversed, and we are really to go onwards. What ups and downs. How will it all end? She will never resolve to leave me?

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