Slept with A- uncomfortably – be thankful for my own little bed, or rather, sheet thrown over the elastic sofa, a cover and upper sheet and counterpane, and my cloaks. I shall have bother enough. I see the business is merely with Mr Gross. Alone I could manage – with A- it is difficult.

The warning Grotza gave yesterday to stand for nothing. She was to tell me that Gross said he would settle it with me – very well, said it shall be so. This led to much conversation – she said he was sometimes so irritable with her she thought she would leave him. This led to my saying I was sorry for her etc and bidding her do the best she could for Miss A- and myself and make herself as comfortable. Said I was not quite sure whether [he] was really responsible or not but that I would manager that matter – I would get the better of his temper if I could, if not, I should know what to do.

Told Gross I wish Hitto hurt his feet by wearing slippers – he was to announce dinner as usual and then desire Mrs Howards’ servant to bring in what was wanted and wait while I was at [the] table. I expected another talk but luckily, the man said nothing an I came away. Perhaps Grotza had prepared him for I had told her my intention.

A-‘s cousin came this evening.

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