A- still in the tearful way – I suppose at my being so long away yesterday and going to Princess R- today.

A- having been in the dumps, we never spoke and after taking off my things I found her lain down saying she had a bad headache! I ought to take less notice of all these tempers – I will try and in the long run, she may leave me if she likes, but I am resolved not to bother about her more than I can help.

On my gently saying how anxious I always was to do her way but [it was] impossible for when she would not tell me, I was obliged to do someway – she took up a newspaper. I said we could not both leave things undecided – it was a choice of evils – something must be done. What would she recommend – not one word would she utter spite of all my entreaties, so I left her and came to my table – dinner announced almost immediately. Just said something must be done – there was one decision still open to return home. How terrible – this not speaking I cannot bear. She did so to the people of Halifax – the same game will not do with me. I never can stand it long – what a temper.

A- has just come to wish me goodnight but I kissed her without speaking – speak very civilly and, as usual, when necessary, but more since her silence of this evening about George’s wife. How terrible.

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