A- came to me a little before two to say the dividends not paid today, so I must go to Halifax. Mentioning a little tour abroad, she cried, should not like to go on account of her aunt – should not like to be left. Unhappy to confine me – thought me very impatient to be off – said I better give her back her promise and she would do as well as she could for herself by and by, much obliged for all I had done for her. I said very little in answer and that very calmly and kindly she ought to speak candidly and never leave me without an answer at all – I was only anxious to know what her wishes really were. She left me to go down to Bancroft and I [wrote].

I must think what to do about A-. I shall have plenty more opportunities of being off.

In walking and musing thought of staying quietly till about next February and then being off abroad with or without A-.

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