I am getting dead tired of this place and long to be off.

[With Princess Radzivill] A complaint in the navel began at nine years old. Never such good friends. I said if she durst trust me, I would do all I could – yes, she believed all I said – liked me from the first, scarce knowing why. Used to fear I should be off – ended at sending for me every night but could not help it – should not have done so in another case nor, said I, should I have gone every night to anyone else. A mutual profession of amity. Sometimes she thought she would and then that she would not write her case for me to send to Doctor B[elcombe], she had no faith in Doctor S-. Never expected to be cured. I bade her not despair but hope and try once again if Doctor B- thought he could be of use to her – agreed that I am to go to her at one tomorrow.

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