She seemed in right humour at first but soon fell off. She had lost the storeroom key this afternoon and got my key and I had joked a little about [her] scolding me for taking it away too soon. Did this annoy her, it being at coffee before Mr Gray?

[Note from A-] as follows, ‘little one is very much obliged to you for all you have done for it but it will be still more obliged if you will give back its promise and let it go away from here, Shibden Hall, June twenty ninth’. I cannot say I am either much surprised or annoyed. She would not go abroad now on account of her aunt. How cunning she is – I have long suspected she meditated getting off as well as she could. What will become of her? Marian always warning so to manage that I could do without A-. Perhaps nobody will be surprised at her going – how nicely she lets me get rid of her. What should I do, write to her sister? I must be off abroad or stay as I sometime thought of till February. How calmly I feel now that she herself has decided the matter. Is she quite herself?

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