A- wrong. I had mentioned after dinner what the gardener had said about two men and a boy and added that if we had a garden at Cliff Hill, it would cost us as much. I saw this was going wrong so, being sleepy, leaned back in my chair and did sleep at last but heard her sobbing aloud soon after my eyes were closed, and she hardly spoke when I went into coffee. What a temper. Shall I escape this time or before getting abroad again?

A- terrible. I shall have a thousand pounds more to pay, I see, for Northgate. My thoughts during the day restless. I must be off as immediately as possible – this is no time for dawdling. I must lay out no more till I am recruited – my thoughts turning to living quietly in or near Paris. The sooner I get rid of A- the better – at all rates she will not add much to my happiness. What a temper that has thus blighted all prospect of comfort with her!

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