Miss W- and I got on very well. She was not for going to Pye Nest – showed me a queer, huffy letter she had had from Mrs Edwards – would not call before November. I advised differently and we went, but I see there will be no cordiality again between them – this will not suit me the less well. She seems well enough inclined to consult me and tell me all. I am to choose shrubs for her and, she, for me. Begged her not to stay [away] longer than three weeks or, if she did, not go so soon as Wednesday – to be back on the twenty sixth and I would breakfast with her on the twenty seventh, at which she seemed pleased. Joked and said she had better go with me and be at Rome for Easter – her refusal was weak enough to make me guess her going as possible. She does not seem to dislike me at any rate – well, what shall we make of it? If she was fond of me and manageable, I think I could be comfortable enough with her.

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