Up at seven, quarter hour on the pot – one good motion. Got rid of several knobs then small shortish rolls like a child’s motion – very little loose and watery as if I had taken medicine, but don’t feel so much pain or a sensation of weakness or fullness as I did the last time I took physic. Got into bed again and slumbered or slept.

Wrote rough draft of note to Mr Parker.

No, no, she, Miss H[obart], would as like to have me present as it would suit me to be so. No, no, she will not see me again in a hurry. Poor Lady S[tuart] is wretched at the thought of being left so soon – health is the plea, but she, Lady S-, thanks God Vere is quite well. I can easily believe Miss H- delighted to be off and showing no heart nor real feeling for Lady S-. I know her well enough – passion will warm her towards her husband – but even he may not always find her temper angelic. She has made no great match of it, but may she be happy. I wonder when and what she will write to me.

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