Little motion of about two and a half inch long small cylinders – like a child’s motion – showing that my bowels are clear.

Her letters never satisfy me – she evidently does not wish to keep me? She writes always as if hardly knowing how to fill her paper. The correspondence will wear out? I shall think and care less and less about her.

All her palaver about peace is stuff a few words of affection might be supposed to do me more good.

He was in the drawing room and had wine, both today and yesterday – rather too much civility I think, I must draw back. Sad mission a housekeeper’s room.

From Miss Alexander and Miss Bromley with copies of my answers. Mrs Empson and her mother and an account of the quarrel – one letter and two notes from Miss Emma Ralph.

Copies of answers to the two last ladies.

And one letter from Louisa Belcombe – in all, thirty-four letters and twenty-six notes – all burnt but the one from Louisa B- and that from Lady Crawford.

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