[Talked to Marian] On her leaving me nothing, tho’ my uncle’s wishes about the Shibden estate were not my fault and I had done nothing to lessen my claim on what came by my father and mother. Marian said I had said I would not be named with the Inmans – what could she do, if she left the one part and me the other. I said I thought that would be odd enough – I, her sister, and those children only cousins once removed. Well, she would marry and hope to have child and that would settle all – begged she would not marry for that – she might do as she liked, I should not say much. From all that she said, I expected nothing from her, and we would both be alike, both do the same (hinting at my leaving her nothing). She said I ought not to have taken my uncle’s property on such conditions – ought not to have asked what he wished about it. I said I would rather have it on the conditions than not at all. My father does not like my walk etc, he thinks with her I shall not have income to keep these things up – I shall find it out, she said, by and by. She expects to be the richest and that I shall be obliged to sell. She told Mr Robinson she could not under six hundred a year and expect to have it – she plainly expects Miss Mary Mosey’s property and merely a legacy from Miss Buggon. Had she sold Weighton she never would have had these chances. These talks always annoy me – let me name these subjects to her no more.

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