[Called on Miss Walker of Lidgate and sat with her tête-à-tête from 10 to 1] Got on very well – she consulted me about tenant right and told me all about the Priestley’s and really made a too good story against them. He not really a man of business – things went on better without him and neither he nor Mr Edwards had not behaved like a gentleman. Said how astonished I was – they, the Priestleys, knew all my family concerns – I meant to leave him my executor and all she said astonished and grieved me.

Thought I, she little dreams what is in my head – to make up to her – she has money, and this might make up for rank. We get on very well so far and the thought as I returned amused and interested me. She gave me [to take] home with me the last Saturday’s Penny magazine.

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