[Letter from M-] [‘I am very unwilling, my dearest Fred, to cuff you to another person that does not learn to share your own mind on the best – but it seems to me that Eugénie is the person of all others to suit you’ – However, she went to see Miss Smith and let me know what she thought of her…I scarce know what to do – poor M- seems not very confident off that long expected, C[harles] would be beside himself and often told M- so.] Her letter seems as if she thought of me affectionately – does she half repent the break between us? Heaven only knows. If I can get Miss Walker, M- will be surprised – she talks of my probably settling abroad for some years. [M- would not advise me to take a foreigner if I was going to remain at home, but on my return advise me to ‘take a steady, respectable woman who you can depend upon to look after your other servants’]. This seems as if M- had no thought of ever being with me.

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