She would and must be certain I meant poor Sibbella – Mrs P[riestley] said [that] all that would be easy when the time came. She mentioned Mrs Lawton – ‘oh, no, I like her very much but that was a different thing’, and made the same answer about Miss Norcliffe – all this was to throw Mrs P- off the thought of M-, whom I know she must have fancied I had fixed on. I got on as usual, friendly as ever, tho’, at first, it struck me [what] she thought of my seeing so much of Miss Walker? Perhaps the Priestleys will think of it by and by.

Miss W- and I do certainly get on marvellously – she seems quite confidential and glad to see me, told me of her plans of altering the Cliff Hill grounds etc. [Miss Walker and I talked of her going with Miss Catherine Rawson to Wast Water Lake on Wednesday – she would like to see the Giant’s Causeway and lakes of Killarney – so should I – said I would take her next month and she would have gone but for having promised to go to Wast Water! I hoped that she would not be long away, be back before the end of next month – she would like well enough to see Switzerland, shall I get her there?] Mentioned my being lost near Wast Water and begged her to think of me there – yes, she should not forget me. Really, I almost think she has no dislike to me at any rate – who knows how it may end, I shall be wary this time. [Miss W- likely enough to get me a Highland manservant – in short, I shall really be glad enough when she is come back again].

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