31 December 1836

No kiss.

Mrs A[nn] W[alker] said not a word this afternoon about lending me money and A- says I am not to say anything without Mrs A- W- mention[ing] it again to A-, so that I have now no hope from this quarter.

24 December 1836

No kiss.

[A- and I sat talking] I mentioned republishing her will – it did not go at all. She had been vexed at my naming it yesterday before Mr Watson – did not like to be hurried to sign it now. Would consider about put out. I said I would say no more.

20 December 1836

A pretty good kiss last night between one and two. A- turned and said she wanted petting, came to me, and without a word, and we soon managed it tolerably.

To ask Mrs A[nn] W[alker] to lend me two thousand till 1 May – wanted it in ten says or a week. Prevented by Mr Parker’s coming and keeping me talking till near five – too late.

I thought to myself, I will see how I can manage. Take the four thousand or not, as may be most convenient. P- did not want me to pay off W- just. I said no, I might perhaps wait a year and see how I went on, but I should give up as immediately as.