31 July 1834

Good kiss – vide [see] last night.

Miss W- came to me at eight and ten minutes – had showed me her bosom and, on my asking her, took off her night things and stood naked, so then [we] got into bed and we had a kiss.

26 July 1834

Her bed stocks creaked so that [with] the people in the adjoining room being up I put Miss W-‘s bedding on the floor and we had a good long kiss – about three quarters hour with her.

23 July 1834

Long kiss at twice last night and with her for hour and a half. Miss W- and I between [us] copied my letter to M-.

Went to her bed for thirty-five minutes.

21 July 1834

Not with her last night but went to her quietly for quarter hour this morning.

Never in my life saw such a fidget in a carriage – she was in all postures and places till at last she luckily fell asleep for about an hour. She had had too much Roussillon wine which made her feverish without being tipsy.

Five minutes with her quietly.