29 June 1835

No kiss.

Wrote her copy of letter to Mr Gray.

From five to six writing three times over again the part to Mr Duffin twice because paper not good enough and one that A- might write the part to Milner.

24 June 1835

No kiss.

[Letter from M-] Allude above to Willoughby Crewe, alias as nicknamed when last at Lawton ‘short’.

Rubbed A-‘s back for twenty minutes with spirit of wine and camphor – as I did on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.

20 June 1835

No kiss – [ready in an hour] for washing a little – slept in stocking from a very little cousin last night, saw it on getting into bed.

18 June 1835

No kiss.

[Talking to Marian] about Mr Abbott – thought if I wanted influence in the town, I had better not ice him. If I did the contrary from policy, it was bad [to] disclaim all thought of policy, she insinuated that I might get much for the family from Mr A-.  Very gently but decidedly snouted this idea – said I acted from a deep feeling of disappointment, never thought of interest. Poor Marian.

17 June 1835

Good kiss last night.

Had forgot the letter about Lightcliffe school. Made a new letter and copied it and then wrote it out.

11 June 1835

No kiss – far too hot to touch in bed. Quarter hour brushing A-‘s hair to teach Eugénie.

Then till two and a half writing copy of letter to Mr Gray for A-.