27 June 1839

Shook his hand on going away, his own doing. By the way Captain Stuart shook hands with me on coming and going, and so he did with Mr Freeman! Louisa put out her hand to A- on coming in and was very civil.

Talked a little confidentially – said I had spent twenty or thirty thousand, but it might answer. Somebody must help me at last for I hoped to return to civilized society by and by.

It seems Louisa refuses right and left good offers. I doubt that she will have an opportunity of being soon pleased. I think they are not rich.

25 June 1839

Explained – foolish – that I wished him to be proposed for Halifax. Did the family know? No.

[With Lady Stuart de Rothesay] Lady does not suit me naturally, we joked. I rallied her about refusing me – she said I was off very quickly but our being together could not have answered she having her girls. I said that was nothing, however, I am at heart thankful it is as it is. In fact, Lady S- de R- prevented it as Lady G[ordon] did not snap me up at Cheltenham.

A- low or out of temper and would hardly – making semblance of fatigue. Bother, so chose her gown for her and had Miss Lloyd to myself, but she…