31 March 1839

A- low and getting into her old low way. We must be off. Lay talking to her and again mentioned her settling her property safely on me.

29 March 1839

Slept with A- last night, the first time for almost ever since our returning home. She seems all the better for it, tho’ I was perfectly quiet – no show of even playing. Slept very fairly.

A- took three of Brodie’s pills tonight.

28 March 1839

Had A- about half hour all in tears and low. We must be off, return in July, then finish the jobs about the place.

Talked to and cheered her – said if she could not rouse herself out of this lowness, she had [to] settle all safely on me that they could not throw her property into chancery. Told her this morning we would be off somewhere as soon as possible – we must get off. I am stirring myself to manage it in five or six weeks.

27 March 1839

[-A] low and out of sorts; does not like Miss Rawson to come and see her in this way. Poor thing, she is all good. I must get her off as soon as I possibly can – it is high time.

26 March 1839

Wrote for A- observation notes on the Oakview Mill for her to send in the parcel to her sister. She is low but promised to exert herself.

22 March 1839

Read over and stopped A-‘s letter to her sister and she then copied her letter which took her till eleven, about one and three quarters hour. I stood by cutting my nails till after ten.

21 March 1839

Writing (part done last night) the remainder of long letter for A- to her sister respecting the Oakview Mill and other vouchers.

I hope she is not beginning to get into low ways again, but she now trusts me and seems very fond of me and perhaps I can keep her up – if not, we must be off. She evidently wishes it and we have fixed to winter in Italy – be Mrs A[nn] W[alker] as she may.