28 May 1838

A- had two glasses and I did not taste it, so A- lay down.

A-‘s face looks very red and bad. I often think of Doctor Belcombe’s telling me I should have a deal of trouble with her.

27 May 1838

We had drunk our bottle from Moëts and A- tipsyish without her knowing it and I felt inclined for writing.

Incurred a cross thinking of M-, sitting on my chair in my dressing room.

25 May 1838

Gave him A-‘s and my things to be washed, of mine two shifts, one napkin and ditto cravat, dignity waist and broad hemmed muslin handkerchief.

22 May 1838

Found my cousin come gently – half hour preparing. One good proper motion.

A- wrong at my having kept her waiting for dinner. What a temper and what a bother, but I kept silence and let her go off to bed taking very little notice.

21 May 1838

Bowel complaint – hard a large motion and went to bed again for an hour and two or three motions on getting up again.

20 May 1838

Had been half hour alone in A-‘s bed.

Had a bowel complaint this two motions.

Thirty after about two glasses of lunel and as much vin de chypre for I put it back again my third glass of the latter, so that A- had one glass more than I had.

18 May 1838

A- tolerably right on getting [up] but breakfasted by herself and this probably set her wrong. Very poorly but her poorliness has so much temper in it – my pity goes, tho’ I say nothing. The best way is to let it pass off in this way.

17 May 1838

A- lay on the sofa poorly – busy getting the boiler to heat water and undressing her.

Then hearing her crying – went to her and gave her some cherry brandy. She said her head and neck were bad. She wants more than I can do for her – a good strong fellow.