28 May 1839

Having dressed A- who gets terrible in lowness – high time to be off. She can do nothing, she says, if she is not with me.

Mine are twelve hundred independent of the colliery and hers six hundred and fifty.

25 May 1839

Writing for A- copy of letter to her sister. She came at this moment in great haste through my room to the water closet – complained of her bowels after dinner.

24 May 1839

She gave me a one hundred pounds Bank of England bill – part of her navigation sale money – to be replaced from Briggs bank tomorrow and repaid at Christmas. Persuaded her to walk with me to Halifax.

20 May 1839

A- desperately low – we must be off Saturday evening if possible.

Marian nervous but all right – had a glass of sherry at eleven and another after twelve, and gave her, to take away, the rest of the bottle (of which she drank two glasses at luncheon and on eating dinner yesterday) – so that she has had three bottles of sherry and her full share of two of champagne. How will this sort of nervousness end?

Offered her ten pounds for coming and returning but she would only take five.

19 May 1839

A- so low this morning [I] did not let her be out of my sight, knowing she would do nothing but say her prayers and cry.