12 May 1840

Now talking with A-, crying – all wrong. If I would but give her back her promise and care not what became of her, she would – I treat her as if she was under my care. I said if she would but cheer up, and try to enjoy herself now, it was all I asked. I would do nothing now when we got home and then let all be talked over. She said it is well for me to talk for I can leave her whenever I like and get out of the way – but, said I quietly, when do I or have left her? I have never a moment – she is always there at my elbow. Terrible.

11 May 1840

A- not in good humour since before going out and speaking of her letter to Mr Adam – money matters always set her wrong.

08 May 1840

Somehow, I do not like Mrs L-, no solid learning, as Mrs Kotzebue seemed to insinuate – nor does she seem a general favourite here. She is a silly little doll of a bass blue flirt.