25 November 1837

Then lay down and slumbered till eleven, wishing to then write to Lady Stuart if I could – then dawdled over my letter written last Monday till twelve.

24 November 1837

She gave me one hundred pounds to put in the bank till we wanted the money – I said I should like to put something in even if I took it out again directly.

20 November 1837

She not quite right so came away – what a temper! How can I get on with her in comfort? I mentioned after dinner having opened my letter from Lady [Stuart] and that the old one would like me to go and see her – wished I could do so and get off a fortnight before our setting off from London. A- thought I could do it, but I now saw the effect – she got out of sorts again tho’ she before seeming coming round. She feels that her society is no pride above mine and here is and will always be the sort. Well, I must make the best I can of it but I think we cannot get on together forever.

18 November 1837

A- went off out of sorts – what for I know not – unless that I did not get up when she did this morning.

A- quite out of sorts ever since she got up – all right last night. What a temper! Seeing her so wrong I began to read on leaving York and she read or seemed to sleep and we neither of us spoke the whole way back – except that I twice asked her in vain to have a little wine and biscuit as we got nearish to Leeds.

14 November 1837

He now pays four hundred a year – had it at first for seven years for two hundred and fifty. The lease expired about a year ago, would not take it for another seven years at the present rent but only from year to year.

Found my cousin come on getting into bed tonight.