27 September 1835

Attempt at a kiss last night – A-‘s manner leading to it but she called out in the middle of it that she was too weak and I stopped immediately.

22 September 1835

No kiss.

He took that opportunity of telling me Captain [Sutherland] had told him he was not grasping he had given A- fourteen hundred pounds to satisfy. I said it was an ungentlemanly misrepresentation and explained how it was – that A- had made five propositions of which he had accepted the one. Advised Mr Gray not to tell A- now, it would only annoy her, but told her myself afterwards.

19 September 1835

[A- at Cliff Hill]

It is her sister not Captain Sutherland who is awkward. He returned from York this morning quite altered, delighted with Mr Gray – glad A- had put the business into his hands and apologised for what he, Captain S-, had said to A- yesterday. It was Mrs S- not he who refused A- the keeping of the books. He told Mrs S- she was illiberal – so he was got right with A-.

She cried all yesterday and was quite poorly but held up as well as she could. Mrs S- on the high horse, and A- stood up against it very well. She promised her aunt to go again for two or three days but I declared she should only go for one night.

17 September 1835

[A- at Cliff Hill]

Tried at a letter of congratulation to Charlotte Canning – how extraordinary, I cannot manage it.

[With A- and her aunt and the Sutherlands] But she dared scarce speak – talked of going to York on Monday. Captain S[utherland] wants half the rent books – A- would not give them up – he said she wanted to quarrel, and she left the room.

Writing rough copy of note to Charlotte Canning (satisfied with it) and to her mother.

15 September 1835

No kiss.

Long while trying to write copy of congratulations to Charlotte Canning late Stuart but could not manage it – stupid and gave it up.