30 September 1837

I told if she would keep me, that is, the household, taxes, servants’ wages and all so as to leave me my own income – clear I could do very well. She seemed not averse. I asked to consider what she would like to be spent for we might spend just what she could spare out of her income – a thousand a year would do – and repeated all this this morning.

22 September 1837

Watson had arrived at ten and a half in a gig, alone, and off back again about at three, all being done as I had suggested to A-. The codicil made cutting Mr W[illiam] P[riestley] and taking into account Walker P-‘s debt and Watson took away with him all the three wills and codicil.

21 September 1837

Said I would take forty-one (to return the one) of Mark and Mawson if was I proposed their joining. If Mark set me at liberty about the poney.

20 September 1837

A- quite right this morning but I am determined to lead her in a tighter rein.

Writing copy of letter to Mr Gray for Miss A[nn] W[alker] to sign desiring Mr Watson to come over immediately – to be at Cliff Hill at ten on Friday morning per chaise from Leeds. Mr W[illiam] P[riestley] to be cut out by codicil on A-‘s return this evening. Her aunt had signed the letter and seemed quite pleased to do what she said would solve Mr W- P-.

19 September 1837

A- quite wrong, would not speak. I supposed at my sitting up last night I made an effort to get her to speak – asked what was the matter – said I should not sit up and do as I did for nothing. I wanted comfort – she ought to give it. Her not speaking was not kind. All in vain so I came to my room. What comfort shall I ever have in her? My affairs are bad enough, but I will look thoroughly into them. Pray to god for help and comfort such as in no human being can offer and then when I have got all straight, I will be off to Montpellier?

A- had written quite a rigmarole – wrote her quite another and shorter notice of the thing and to inform him his letters were now in her possession.